December 4, 2008

Common - Universal Mind Control

I've had this shit for awhile now and I just wanted to say a couple things about the album.
First off, the whole album is produced by Pharrell and the Neptunes. When I heard this news awhile back, I thought it was gonna be lame. Well, I was sort of right. The type of shit that is on this album is very experimental for Common. The beats are too complex and dance-song type shit(if you've heard UMC, you know what i'm talkin bout).

Anyways, this album is definately not better than BE. I would'nt even say it's better than Finding Forever but it is better than Electric Circus (what isn't?). Common will always be expected to put out the real good, soulful and simple shit but I guess he tried to do the Kanye thing and go experimental. 808's and Heartbreak grew on me a little so who knows, maybe this one will too, but right now I want the old Common. Hopefully, The Believer will be much better than this.

Standout tracks:
Punch Drunk Love
Gladiator(not sure about this one, this shit would have been a slapper but they fucked it up)